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Our advertising goal is...
Our goal at Family Gala is to reduce the generic web advertisements that users see but have very little interest in. Instead, we aim to advertise for a mixture of both local and national companies. We want to take word Read More

What is Family Gala?

Family Gala is a new, worldwide platform that will allow members to securely share and exchange information within a new social media experience. It is a way for an entire family to use the Internet as a team.

Why use Family Gala?

Privacy and security are one of our top priorities. Everyone wants to maintain contact with family, friends and acquaintances but may not want to share EVERYTHING with all of those groups. Family Gala gives the unique opportunity to share only what you choose with each party you belong to.

What is a party?

A party is a group of Family Gala users who join a private and secure location to share all of life’s important happenings and events. Each party will have a customized news feed where members can view important updates to the party as well as notifications.

What does Family Gala cost?

It’s FREE!! Family Gala is free to all individual users.

Is Family Gala for Businesses too?

Yes! Family Gala offers businesses opportunities to advertise to its users in a variety of ways. Family Gala also provides businesses with their own customizable Party page as well. Please inquire for further information business pages, advertising opportunities, and costs.

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