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Our advertising goal is...
Our goal at Family Gala is to reduce the generic web advertisements that users see but have very little interest in. Instead, we aim to advertise for a mixture of both local and national companies. We want to take word Read More

Friday, 16 August 2013 15:21

Our advertising goal is...

Our goal at Family Gala is to reduce the generic web advertisements that users see but have very little interest in. Instead, we aim to advertise for a mixture of both local and national companies. We want to take word of mouth to a whole new level by encouraging our users to recommend places of business and service providers to the parties they belong to. Family Gala wants to put both small and large businesses on the same playing field and allow our users to recommend the places and services they have used to other party members.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013 23:40

What makes Family Gala private?

The major underpinning to the Family Gala website is to put privacy back in the hands of its users. You will no longer have to worry about posting information for the “whole- world” to see. We have identified a few different ways in which to accomplish this feat. The first major way we identified to allow you the privacy you deserve, is to provide you with a private area to store your information and give you the ability to choose what information, photos, etc. you share with other users and parties. The information you share with a party stays within that party. Others will not be able to see what you have posted unless they are part of that party. Thus allowing you to tailor how much information you share with each individual party. We have also included a way for you to limit party members from “sharing” your information as well as preventing the downloading of photos that you have shared with a party. Lastly, we have included the options for you, both personally and your party, to not be searchable on both Family Gala and on the Internet. Family Gala is allowing you to determine how much or little information you want to share with various parties you are a part of. Your comfort and privacy are a major focus for us and we are committed to maintaining your privacy.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013 22:23

What makes Family Gala different?

First and foremost, what makes Family Gala different from other social media sites is the privacy. This is not a simple collection of friends that can see EVERYTHING you do, say, or share but a collection of groups that you interact with on different levels. You get to determine what you say/share with each party that you are a part of. Family Gala allows you to tailor your interactions with specific parties to the level that you determine appropriate.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013 03:55

What is a Family Gala Party?

As our platform is developed one common question I hear is what is a party and how does it work?  A party is a group of Family Gala users who join a private and secure location to share all of life's important happenings and events.  The party will have a customized news feed where users can view important updates to the party as well as notifications, Family Gala news, important videos, and updates to the other sections of the party page.  We expect the majority of the parties to be invitation only.  Parties are designed to be private.  
Of course there is much more!  The members of a party are asked to join as a party decision maker or a standard party user.  Each type of user will have different levels of permissions within the party.  This gives most parties a "family" feel.  Decision makers are like parents and the standard user in most parties will need to ask for parent approval to complete certain actions.  Each user will also be able to set individual party preferrences to customize their experience.  What kind of party will you join or create?  

Monday, 27 May 2013 18:45

Welcome to Family Gala's Blog

Welcome to Family Gala's informational blog.  Here we will keep everyone posted on news, and developments as we launch a New, worldwide platform that will allow members to securely share and exchange information within a new social media experience.  Family Gala is a way for an entire family to use the internet as a team.  In most families the internet is used by everyone, but in many different ways.  What if there was one central location that a family could go to share, remember, and celebrate all of life's important events?  It would need to be secure, and private... and to do this on the internet a new platform needed to be developed to allow families to operate as one group or unit.  Families will be "run" by members and they will decide, as a party, what privacy levels, as well as permissions, will be available to the members of the party.  
Family Gala is a service provided to it's members where users may use our platform to securely and privately connect with friends and family.  
Family Gala is a New way to share, remember, and celebrate!  Please send us your questions or email them to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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