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What is a Family Gala Party?

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013 03:55

What is a Family Gala Party?

As our platform is developed one common question I hear is what is a party and how does it work?  A party is a group of Family Gala users who join a private and secure location to share all of life's important happenings and events.  The party will have a customized news feed where users can view important updates to the party as well as notifications, Family Gala news, important videos, and updates to the other sections of the party page.  We expect the majority of the parties to be invitation only.  Parties are designed to be private.  
Of course there is much more!  The members of a party are asked to join as a party decision maker or a standard party user.  Each type of user will have different levels of permissions within the party.  This gives most parties a "family" feel.  Decision makers are like parents and the standard user in most parties will need to ask for parent approval to complete certain actions.  Each user will also be able to set individual party preferrences to customize their experience.  What kind of party will you join or create?  

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